1) Build Products that can help the Healthcare system in coping with the inevitable stress that would come once the detected cases are in the thousands.

A few of the ideas which were discussed, and on which ideation has started:

– Thermal Sensors / Thermometers
– Ventilators
– Face Mask making machines
– Quarantine Wristbands
– Hand Sanitizers

To get to the product from ideation to prototype to manufacturing and distribution is a task which would normally take 6-8 months (if not longer) – we’re trying to achieve this in the next 14 days – which is why we need the smartest people across India working on these problem sets

If there are further ideas, which anyone feels would create impact and assist healthcare, we need those people to get together in teams – start the process – and reach out to us wherever they need assistance.

We realize we can’t be on top of each of the projects – but we can be a platform where anyone comes for assistance in case they get stuck with anything. Be it technical, human, financial resources.

2) Keep the process of development completely transparent and make all IP which may be uncovered during the course of the development completely open-source.

To achieve this transparency we are building a website that has live updates on the running projects, and all the resources we come across – we would keep uploading to the website on a daily basis.

But to upload the resources, we first need to aggregate the resources and then we need to have a robust platform on which we can keep uploading the progress and the documents that we find/ create.

This is where we need techies to help us out and build this platform

3) Make anything that may be useful to anyone in fighting the virus easily available and accessible.

We could do this through links to websites, through an aggregation of colleges, testing labs, manufacturer facilities, medicine suppliers, hospitals – or anything which you feel the government would be doing in such a situation to help our citizens.

This isn’t an easy time. But it’s going to get better. And until it does, let’s just focus on the steps ahead.

Thanking you for standing besides us and stepping up to be counted.


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“At this crucial point, we require volunteers across all fields who can help serve this cause. It’s a unique and unprecedented time and we hope to meet the challenge head-on. If you can contribute your time, please connect with us today!
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