Pro Bono Multi-lingual Mental Health Counseling Platform with 100 plus Doctors and Psychologist

The team is experienced in handling crisis related calls, helping with anxiety and providing the emotional support to the individuals who need it most.

Objective: To create a free telephonic platform of counselors and psychologists who can work pro bono/volunteering to support people suffering from anxiety, depression, agitation, etc. due to Covid-19

The life of a start up entrepreneur or employee is highly stressed out even in good times, the level of anxiety is at its peak during the campus placement season, and, small shopkeepers are always struggling to keep their businesses afloat.  When a pandemic like COVID hits, all these groups, especially the people who might already be fighting some behavioral or mental health battles are most likely to be hit hardest.

These were the thoughts that triggered informal whatsapp messages, follow up calls and a resolve to make a positive impact (even if small ) to this crisis.

As the group was still deciding on where to start and what to focus, a core team comprising of a health entrepreneur, a senior healthcare executive, a practicing psychologist, a non profit founder and a young IIT student quickly came into life and things started to take shape.

Yesterday, we launched the toll free helpline – 90000 70839 and sign up portal PsychologsitsForIndia (

Now, the initiative has on-boarded more than 100+ counselors and psychologists who are working pro bono/volunteering to support helpline calls from startups, small and medium enterprises, small shopkeepers and graduating students all facing emotional issues.

The team is experienced in handling crisis-related calls, helping with anxiety and providing emotional support to the individuals who need it most.

‘Every life is precious and we’ll do our bit to make a difference in the lives of others’ – This message is what brought this team together and is motivating them to take time out of their regular jobs and this initiative.

Contact Person: Tarun Jain, 9650500347,

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I am a psychologist as well as master’s in psychiatric how I can I join your counselling team.

Can you please counsel me

Rupali Balekundri

I am doing masters in psychology.
I am NLP practitioner & Mind Coach.
EFT trainer.
Right now I am working as a kid’s counselor & relationship counselor.

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